Personal Development

Sequence offers program to support physical and emotional health, relationships and personal growth throughout the year. These program are open to any member of the general public who feels they would be a helpful addition to moving forward on the journey to contentment and connection.



Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

Couples will learn and practice proven tools to:

Make conflict work for your relationship, deepen intimacy and build trust, identify your solvable vs. perpetual issues, strengthen your foundation of friendship, collaborate more effectively to solve problems, and communicate clearly and effectively

Bringing Baby Home

The carefully designed workshops allows you to follow along with the workbook (yours to keep) while you learn about how couples cope with these changes, what to expect for each other and yourself, and how to understand and connect with your child. Activities that you and your partner do together and with the group will enhance the learning and offer more than a few chances to laugh, gain a sense of empowerment, ask questions and get emotionally prepared in remarkable ways.

Fighting Fair: Turn Conflict Into The Connection You Hope For

Taking The Fear Out Of Finance: A Couples Course On Managing Your Time & Budget & Attitude



Mindfulness Meditation For Anxiety Relief

Mindful Parenting

We welcome you to join our Mindfulness Hour for Parents. Here, we will share mindfulness exercises and activities that will help restore your sense of well-being, calm your mind and body, and support you and your family on your path towards mindful living

MB-EAT Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness Training

Learn mindful eating practices, let go of guilt and struggle, reduce stress eating, have a happier, healthier relationship to food and yourself, and practice self compassion.

Taming Test Anxiety With Mindfulness



Considering Divorce: Treating A Tough Situation With Wisdom

Divorce can be one of life's most difficult experiences. It’s a time when you’re called upon to make important, long-term decisions while in the midst of emotional turmoil. Despite this, it is possible to manage a divorce with dignity, strength, and wisdom. This presentation will provide basic divorce information and explore ways to get you and your family through this time with thoughtfulness.